A festival promising to take customers through a maze in a secret location in Sidney has left people furious after it ended up delivering no more than an overpriced entry to a Bondi bar.

The event, called “The Curious Labyrinth — maze music art,” gained momentum online after it was promoted as a thrilling secret event for people looking to do something different on Saturday night. Organized by Facebook-based Sydney event group The Underground Party, the ticket costs $45 each on Moshtix and 500 people needed to attend or else it wouldn’t push through.

“So invite your friends and come get lost,” the description of its now-deleted page read.

sydney maze festival

Sydney Maze Festival Ad

The event attracted the interest of more than 5000 people with 917 pledging they would attend. Organizers promised those who had bought tickets would “get lost to find music, food, drinks and crazy characters among the hedges,” boasting photos of lush green hedges in complex formations.

However, instead of a unique destination, the “surprise” location of the event announced on Saturday morning turned out to be the Jam Factory in Bondi Junction.

Per Yahoo, a few festival-goers said once they entered the bar, there was no sign of any maze and all they could see was “fake greenery in a bad nightclub.” Photos from the actual venue showed artificial shrubbery lined the bar’s walls, and fake creeping vines around entry ways.

Prior to the deletion of the festival’s Facebook page, negative reviews came flooding in, showing how disappointed people were with the night.

“Worst maze ever,” one wrote alongside an emoji of a downwards thumb. Another person commented underneath it asking: “WHAT maze? I saw no maze in there”.

“Very good con,” another person commented.

sydney maze festival

An organizer of the Sydney maze festival admitted many were disappointed and those who had complained about the event has been refunded their money.

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