Cuba has deployed around 9,000 soldiers on Feb 22, Monday, as part of the government’s way to keep the Zika virus out of its country. To date, there is no case related to the mosquito-borne virus that has been confirmed in Cuba.

President Raul Castro said in a statement that all Cubans should take this fight against the virus as something personal. He asked everyone to maintain cleanliness to prevent the likelihood of breeding spaces for Aedes mosquitoes, Granma reported.

Cuba also sent 200 police officers to take part in the government’s  initial plan, aside from the thousands of reserves and active-duty officers. The 9,000 army troops that were sent out on the busy streets of Havana’s Cerro district are knocking on every door to spray fumes on homes. The residents were cooperative and very willing to open up their homes as they patiently waited until the chemical fogs become clear.

President Castro said that prevention has been affected by the inefficient technical quality of attempts to fight mosquito, inadequate work that can clean up the breeding areas and poor weather.  According to a military reservist and a member of the campaign, Cristina Suarez, they are fighting the Zika Virus by the use of their public health system.

The president also added that the real leadership in the fight against the Zika virus lies in the hands of the whole nation. He noted that the conscious effort of everyone is necessary if the task is aimed at being successful.

The Zika virus outbreak is now affecting large areas of the Caribbean and Latin America. The World Health Organization has announced that the virus is most likely to affect all countries situated in the Americas except Canada and Chile. As of now, there has been no treatment or vaccine yet for the Zika virus, Irish Times reported.