The next Neflix hit, The Crown, is about to premiere this week. The show has been viewed as the next Downton Abbey in television.

The Crown is a British-American TV production like Downton Abbey. The scandals in a prominent family could be one of the similarities in the two shows.  Downton Abbey has received several nods from television critics and won numerous of those. In turn, the upcoming Netflix series could achieve the same recognition.

Here are some facts about The Crown that you have to know before its premiere.

Powerhouse cast and crew

Helen Mirren, who famously played the role of the Queen in a movie and in stage, won’t be in this one. Claire Foy (Wolf Hall) will be playing the role of Queen Elizabeth II, while Doctor Who actor Matt Smith will portray Prince Philip.

The Crown screenwriter Peter Morgan wrote the script for Helen Mirren’s Queen Elizabeth II movie, The Queen, and for stage in The Audience. Director Stephen Daldry, on the other hand, helmed Billy Elliot, The Hours and The Reader.


The Crown is set to follow the life of Queen Elizabeth II – from her wedding day in 1947 up to the present day.

Among the expected highlights of the series are: Queen Elizabeth II coronation in 1953, Britain during the war, her relationship with the British government, and the deaths in the royal family.

Huge budget

Reports indicated that The Crown has spent £100 million in funding from Netflix. According to Metro, the Royal wedding scenes alone cost a fortune. Apparently, Foy’s exact replica dress for the Queen’s wedding day reportedly cost £30,000 to create.

However, both Morgan and director Stephen Daldry denied having a huge budget for the series. Morgan said it was absolutely nonsense considering the experience they are having.  He added the budget they have now will benefit season two.

Watch The Crown Season 1 sneak peek below.

Royal family involvement

Screenwriter Peter Morgan revealed during a press conference for the Television Critics Association that the Royal family is very much aware of their show. He said Netflix is also working on getting the Queen’s endorsement of the series.

Morgan also admitted that he dodged the opportunity to meet the Queen for a couple of times already. He, however, clarified that it was not because he did not want to meet Queen Elizabeth II.

Morgan said he fears that he will be in shock when he comes face to face with her.  “I think it’s better for them and for us to have complete independence. I want to feel free to write how and what I want. I don’t want to feel like I’m endorsed or supported or that I owe anyone,” he told Newsweek.

More seasons to come

According to director Daldry, The Crown could last for six more seasons. Daldry said he sees the show going through for many years because the queen’s story “endlessly fascinating.”

Season two of The Crown is already in production.

Don’t miss The Crown premiere on Netflix on November 4.