“Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon 2 – Sword of Destiny” will have Michelle Yeoh fighting against Jason Scott Lee as both covet a legendary blade of unmatched power.

In a post made by Entertainment Weekly, Michelle Yeoh returns as Yu Shu Lien and she will mentor Silver Dart Shi (played by Juju Chan who happens to be a Kung Fu and Taekwondo champion in real-life).

As seen in the trailer, Yu Shu Lien prepares Silver Dart Shi to wield the titular weapon. However, the master is hesitant for she sees darkness and fury in her student’s eyes.

To make matters worse, a blood thirsty warlord Hades Dai (portrayed by Jason Scott Lee) wants the sword for himself upon receiving word that the blade was not lost but simply hidden.

Making things complicated is Tiefang, portrayed by Harry Shum Jr. who steals the infamous sword in order to confront Hades Dai and his ferocious army.

Also worthy of note is Donnie Yen who plays Silent Wolf, Yu Shu Lien’s love interest.

Chan shares about her character and spoils a little of the plot in an interview for Timeout:

“I play a super fun and badass character called Silver Dart Shi. She’s one of the four swordsman recruited by Donnie Yen’s character to go on a journey with him to retrieve the Sword of Destiny. Everyone wants the sword because the one who controls it rules the martial world. So, basically, we help Yen in his journey so the bad guys don’t get the sword. Michelle plays his love interest and there is a love-and-fate, straightforward type of plot. The audience will definitely be impressed by the scenery and the fight sequences.”

Ang Lee was the director of the Oscar-winning martial arts film in 2000 but director Woo-Ping Yuen will helm the “Crouching Tiger” sequel this time.

In true “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” fashion, the film promises martial arts action sequences and beautiful cinematography. It is set to be released on IMAX theatres and will be available for streaming in Netflix this February 26.