Northern Territory police department has already started searching for four intruders who let loose three malnourished female crocodiles into a school’s administrative office on Sunday.

The incident took place at Taminmin High School at Humpty Doo, Northern Territory. The saltwater reptiles were trapped using a ranger at the school. CCTV footage showed topless men who covered their faces with bandannas. They entered the school in the early morning and left the crocodiles there.

Police confirmed the news to a reputed media outlet and said that they were informed about the incident at 5 in the morning on Sunday by the caretaker who heard alarms. “CCTV footage shows three saltwater crocodiles forced into the main office,” Strike Force Trident’s Senior Constable David Gregory said. “Police are appealing to the public for information as to the identity of the offenders.”

He mentioned that it was unclear from where the intruders got these reptiles but all of them were in very poor health conditions. The ranger appeared to be worried about their health as the reptiles haven’t seen water for days and were undernourished, the officer said.

Gregory said that after setting the crocodiles free, the dumpers entered the building with their heads covered. The ABC reported the constable warning that if the intruders were found, they would be subject to penalties meant for animal cruelty along with the payment of a fine of around $50,000.

Parks and Wildlife Rangers, according to The Daily Mail, made sure that the reptiles are removed from the school safely. The size of the creatures was between 1.5 to 2 meters. Saltwater crocodiles are considered apex predators with a history of attacking humans, normally those who enter their territory.

The crocodiles have been handed over to rangers and are in safe hands now while the manhunt for the four trespassers is still going on.