Female fans of the football star could have their hearts broken as the rumored Cristiano Ronaldo girlfriend 2016 might be for keeps this time around.

The dashing captain of the Portuguese football team is certainly a catch. His popularity on and off the field is second only to pop singer Taylor Swift. Nevertheless, his fans especially the women are curious to learn who the Cristiano Ronaldo girlfriend 2016 is.

Indeed, the footballer’s Spanish getaway a couple of months back led many to wonder if it was the woman in the pink bathing. Yet at the same time, it raised confusion as rumors earlier pointed to Elisa De Panicis as the lucky woman. While the guessing game continues for the identity of his girlfriend, Cristiano reassured fans of his comeback plans for La Liga 2016.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s name is often associated with many gorgeous women ever since his split from Irina Shayk. However, has the Portuguese footballer found love with a Spanish beauty named Desire Cordero? Mail Online cited reports by Corazon, the Spanish magazine, hinting at such. Apparently, the couple have been dating for about a month.

As it turns out, their relationship began through Instagram. Their initial appreciation of each other’s photos eventually led to an exchange of private messages. Several other clues could point to their likely romance. First, Desire’s photos of the Santiago Bernabeu stadium, home of Real Madrid, Cristiano’s team. She was reportedly there with pals to watch a match. Second, sightings of Desire at the VIP estate of La Finca, the place where Cristiano lives. She reportedly moved to the Spanish capital along with two girlfriends. Perhaps, to get closer to the footballer.

Yet who is Desire Cordero? The 23-year old won Miss Spain in 2014. She placed sixth during the Miss Universe contest at the time. Prior to the crown, she worked as a model since she was sixteen. Incidentally, Cristiano would not be the first footballer she has dated. She previously dated Spanish footballer Enzo Renella.

Could Desire Cordero be the Cristiano Ronaldo girlfriend 2016?