Agent Derek Morgan is saying goodbye to the Criminal Minds.Shemar Moore is leaving the series after working for 11 seasons. His last entry in the series was on Wednesday’s breath-taking episode when his pregnant wife survived a shooting attack and he quit FBI to focus on the family.

“I’ve treated my acting career like school,” Moore told TV Guide.”The Young and the Restless: eight years. [That was] high school. Criminal Minds: college. Now I’m ready for grad school, a Ph.D., whatever you want to call it. I’m just ready to grow.”

He had already cleared to the fans that he will not die and this is not his final goodbye. The reasons for his departing in the series are similar to that of his real life. He wants to take a break, get on with his life, ABC reports. He wants to “just get some balance.”

He told E Online! regarding his watching the final episode with his friends.” What I did is, I was home with my mom and some friends, and we had a little soiree. People came over to watch the show and celebrate it, but what I did before people showed up to my house is, I was there with my mom and just two friends. We were sitting in my backyard, drinking wine, and I went onto Instagram. At 4:00, I had posted a picture of Derek Morgan, and my caption was, “Tonight, I give you my heart.” I really believe that. It’s one of, if not the, proudest episodes of my career. I’ve been blessed to do a lot of things.”

The response of the fans was overwhelming.”They were excited, they were stressed, they were sad, they were mad, they were shocked. Some were sad and crying, “I can’t stop crying. This is not OK! Shemar Moore, eff you. This is not OK! How can you do this to me? I’ve been watching you since I was nine years old. This is not OK!” Even though they were yelling and screaming, it made me emotional because I knew it was all out of love and it was out of 11 years being together,” He said.