Criminal Minds season 12 has yet to announce who would take the place of Thomas Gibson. Thus, have they come to realize what many fans of the crime drama series knew all along?

Fans have yet to recover from the shock brought on by the news of Thomas Gibson not appearing on Criminal Minds season 12. Hence, their protests at his summary dismissal. Indeed, many cringe at the thought of another actor taking over the role. Even the good news of Paget Brewster’s return and promotion as a series regular did not boost their spirits. Thus, could it be time for the show to reconsider its decision and bring back the original SAA Aaron Hotchner?

1. Strong public demand for his return

Fans are vocal about their feelings on the matter. Moreover, they took action. The ongoing petition started by “real fans” of Criminal Minds is nearing its goal of 20,000 supporters. After losing Shemar Moore last season, they want Hotch back.

2. Dedication to his craft

The recent trouble of Gibson onset came about due to creative differences with a writer/producer. Hence, it would prove his passion for the craft he has been a part of for years even before Criminal Minds began. While the outcome of the dispute became physical, Gibson stressed it came about due to his desire to make the show the best.

3. His loyalty is like no other

Eleven seasons on a series is no small feat for an actor of any caliber. Moreover, he had no plans to leave the show. Hence, his dismissal came as a surprise as he looked forward to more years on Criminal Minds.

4. He has star power

From the start, his star power helped draw in fans to the crime drama series. Hence, he is one of the strengths of Criminal Minds. This alone is sufficient cause to bring him back to the show, according to Movie Pilot.

5. Not too late to reconsider

Admittedly, the behavior of Thomas Gibson warranted the production to take action. However, the punishment should at least fit the crime. Moreover, the actor has expressed regret over the incident. Hence, it is not too late for them to change their mind and take him back.

Criminal Minds season 12 – without Hotch?