Criminal Minds season 12 is approaching fast and thus, there are plenty of spoilers and updates about the show floating around the internet.  The recent one says that the show will welcome Luke Alvez.

Played by actor Adam Rodriguez, Luke will be the head of the Fugitive Task Force. The question is, how will the BAU team react to it? Team members’, especially Penelope Garcia‘s, acceptance would be a major subject to root for. How is she going to respond to Luke’s arrival? Is Luke’s entry hinting towards a new romance in Garcia’s life in Criminal Minds season 12?

We have seen the departure of Shemar Moore’s Derek Morgan in the previous season of this police procedural crime drama. Even Thomas Gibson exited due to creative differences with the show-runners. As confirmed by the bosses, Criminal Minds season 12 will feature some new faces replacing the old ones. How those characters will merge with the plot and the existing characters is yet to be seen.

In previous seasons of Criminal Minds, we have seen a beautiful bonding between Garcia (Kirsten Vangsness) and Morgan. They were more than colleagues. Their friendship often crossed the thin line between companionship and lovers. Sometimes their onscreen chemistry was too much to resist.

Seeing a rough and tough guy like Derek Morgan going soft for this woman was quite touching. Can we expect the same in the case of Garcia and Luke Alvez? Will they develop such connection as season 12 moves forward?

Discussing Luke and Garcia’s future relationship, showrunner Erica Messer told TVLine: “The fun thing about that character is, not that he’s a new [Derek], but what is Garcia going to think of the new guy? There’s something real in the workplace environment where a friend leaves and you’re like, ‘I’ll never love anyone the way I loved that friend,’ so she has to warm up to him.”

Moreover, if the writers have something similar (as we hinted) on their minds, it won’t be surprising to see Garcia and Luke pack in the romance. After all, falling in love with your colleague is not unusual.  This is quite a natural thing these days the show-runners are not afraid to include such twists in their shows.

As to how circumstances shape up between Garcia and Luke Alvez, only time has the answer.

Criminal Minds season 12 premieres on September 28 at 9/8c on CBS.