When Criminal Minds season 12 airs later this year, long-time fans of the show will surely be missing beloved agent Derek Morgan. Though Shemar Moore is out of the show for good, he found a way to return on set with the most epic gesture ever.

According to a report by TMZ, Moore visited the Criminal Minds crew bearing gifts. Aside from the gifts being totally valuable, they also represented a personal touch of Moore’s personality.

The gifts in question are Swiss made Fortris watches. Though the celebrity gossip website details that there were 379 watches in total, Moore’s co-star corrects the figure. According to Joe Mantegna, who plays Special Agent David Rossi, there were only 250 pieces.

From the photo obtained by TMZ, the watch features Moore’s initials on the face as well as the text “Always on time”. According to the source, this is in reference to the actor never being on time when he was still part of the Criminal Minds set.

As far as souvenirs/parting gifts go, this is surely one way to secure that former co-workers never forget you. In addition, the watches also come at an estimated cost of $600-$1500. Derek Morgan leaves his mark with this one.

Looking forward: Criminal Minds season 12

With Morgan gone, the smaller BAU team needs more people on its roster. People behind the show will fill that gap with the addition of CSI Miami actor Adam Rodriguez.

According to Variety, Rodriguez adds to the show’s series regulars next season. The source details that he will play a special agent from the FBI Fugitive Task Force. Consequently, he joins the BAU. Rodriguez’s introduction seems appropriate given last season’s cliffhanger finale.

The season 11 final episode featured the escape of sinister prisoners, including serial killers and villain Mr. Scratch. The lot who broke out was quite a handful, hence an assistance from the Fugitive Task Force makes sense.

The plot also provides a solid framework for next season. Instead of the single task of hunting serial killers, the BAU also launches a manhunt for the fugitives. It’s a safe bet that this fresher premise will bring something new to the show.

Criminal Minds season 12 returns to CBS on September 28 at 9 p.m ET.