Criminal Minds season 12 may still be more than a month away, but BAU’s Penelope Garcia shares secrets ahead of the new season. If you don’t want to know details about season 12, better skip this article now.

Garcia, also known as Kirsten Vangsness in real life, was open to discussing what’s new for next season. Revealing details with her is Criminal Minds Beyond Borders‘ Monty, played by Tyler James Williams.

The actors’ interview was courtesy of BuddyTV. The discussion tackled a lot of aspects, including the entrance of a new character and crossover between the main show and the spin-off.

Check out the video below for the whole conversation.

Criminal Minds season 12

The video starts off with Vangsness sharing how Mr. Scratch could be a significant figure next season. Although she says her statement is more of a speculation, this bit seems pretty obvious. After what Mr. Scratch has done, Hotch won’t surely stop at nothing to bring him to justice the second time around.

Criminal Minds fans know what people get when they mess with Aaron Hotchner.

On the other hand, another thing that Vangsness’ reveals is how Adam Rodriguez’s character will be different from Shemar Moore’s Derek Morgan. According to her, it’s quite difficult to replace more; hence, Rodriguez’s character is an entirely separate personality.

It remains to be seen whether Rodriguez will have chemistry with the rest of the BAU team. Also, since Derek Morgan was a happy-go-lucky person, Rodriguez could border on the serious type persona. Will he be a snub? Time will tell how it goes.

Finally, Vangsness and Williams revealed that they just filmed a crossover. The first season of Beyond Borders showed Garcia dropping by Monty’s office. Now it seems that people behind the show are maximizing the two’s dynamics. Perhaps, it’s Monty’s turn to drop by the BAU.

Aside from these things, fans can look forward to Paget Brewster’s return as Emily Prentiss. She won’t be back as a series regular, but at least she still has a soft spot for the FBI. Aisha Tyler also returns as Dr. Tara Lewis.

Criminal Minds season 12 returns to CBS on Wednesday, September 28. Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders airs next year.