“Criminal Minds” Season 12 reveals a replacement for Derek Morgan in the upcoming season.

International Business Times reports that there would be a new BAU agent to replace one prominent member of the Behavioral Analysis Unit team.

Erica Messer, executive producer of “Criminal Minds,” mentions in an interview regarding the new character in Season 12.

She says, “We don’t want a shrinking cast. We want to have people in the field. Given that we have to go out and catch criminals and these serial killers out there, it feels like we can’t be an agent down this year.”

“I just don’t know who that is or what it might be yet,” she continues.

She also explains that there are dozens of actors to choose from to add in the team. However, she does not confirm who exactly the person will be.

“We have so many to choose from. A lot of it is availability. Right now, no actor’s agent is going to commit to them being available for us. We do know that we want Mr Scratch being out there,” she utters.

She adds, “Everything else will be the fun of getting the writers together and to say, ‘If we could bring back anyone in the last 11 years, who would you want it to be?”

Messer expresses her excitement on the search for Derek Morgan’s replacement, too, Christian Today cites.

For her, it is like a trip down memory lane, recalling the casts way back 2005 when it was premiered.

From her statement, it seems like the audience could anticipate a come back from any of the characters who have been part of the “Criminal Minds” series in the last decade.

Nonetheless, this remains questionable as the executive producer herself cannot decide or pinpoint who among these people could possibly be added in the upcoming “Criminal Minds” Season 12.

What adds to the uncertainty is the official air date of the show, as CBS has not confirmed any schedule at the moment.