Hot as actor Shemar Moore is in real life, the same charisma translates to his character Derek Morgan in “Criminal Minds”.

However, in the crucial moments of the show’s episode 16 aptly called “Derek”, some viewers may have feared that the well-loved character may not have lived another day to call Garcia “baby girl” or fondly refer to Reid as “kid”. And he most certainly would have died, if not for the motivation of his dead father (played by actor Danny Glover).

By the end of the said episode, Morgan fans were rewarded not only with the fact that Derek survived, but also with the revelation that he will become a father.

Still, the happy ending of episode 16 is cut short by yet another alarming end to tonight’s episode 17, with Morgan’s life appearing to be in danger again. A gunshot was heard, but nothing was shown.

As per TV Fanatic, the scene could have meant anything. One of the theories that the website offers is that the gunman may have missed Morgan. Better yet, TV Fanatic’s second theory is that the mystery assailant was aiming for another person and Morgan was not the target at all.

The said ending leaves fans yet again on another excruciating week of waiting. More importantly, it makes every “Criminal Minds” fan wonder if actor Shemar Moore is leaving the show.

In an interview with Zap2It in August of last year, actor Matthew Gray Gubler who plays Dr. Spencer Reid revealed that another team member is leaving the show.

At the time, it seemed highly likely that it will be A.J. Cook (who plays Jennifer Jareau) because of her second pregnancy. However, after the events of “Derek”, Shemar Moore is becoming the more likely candidate.

For now, nothing can be known for sure but fans can get to see what lies in store for Derek Morgan when “Criminal Minds” airs a new episode next week on CBS.