The exit of Derek Morgan from the FBI Behaviour Analysis Unit broke not only the hearts of “Criminal Minds” fans, but also one of the show’s main characters.

“Criminal Minds” executive producer Erica Messer revealed to TVLine that Spencer Reid will be emotionally troubled after Morgan left the BAU.

“Losses effect Reid in a different way than everybody else because those connections are so strong with him. When he [Reid] said, ‘I don’t know what this room looks like without you,’ there’s something really real about that,’” Messer said.

The character Derek Morgan has been portrayed by actor Shemar Moore for the last 11 seasons of “Criminal Minds.”  Messer said when Moore decided to exit the series, they did not think about kill off his character.

In an interview with TV Line, Moore explained why he decided to leave the CBS show after 11 seasons. “I’m leaving because I want to continue to grow as an actor,” he said. “I’m leaving to see what else I’m capable of.”

Now that BAU is down with one agent, there are no plans to replace Derek for the last four episodes of season 11. Messer hinted that the CBS series will introduce a new agent in season 12, “It feels like something that would be natural to do in a premiere, just as we did for almost everybody else who has ever come in,” Messer said.

Moore’s final episode drew a whopping 10.9 million viewers and a 2.2 rating. This is the show’s best numbers since Nov. 26, 2014, according to TVLine.

“Criminal Minds” season 11 airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. EST on CBS.

Meanwhile, “ER” veteran Sherry Stringfield has been cast for a potentially recurring role, not in “Criminal Minds” but in its spinoff – “Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders,” Cinema Blend reported.

Stringfield will play Jack Garrett’s wife, Karen Garrett. Jack Garrett is being played by Gary Sinise.

According to TV Line, the new character is expected to be introduced in an episode in May and may possibly reappear in season two if the series will be renewed.

“Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders” season one premiered this month and airs on Wednesday nights at 10 p.m. ET on CBS.