Special agent Derek Morgan (Shemar Moore) has left FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) because his wife and unborn child’s lives were threatened. He wanted to solely focus on his family henceforth. Fans did not need to mourn for long as a familiar face returned to “Criminal Minds” to fill the void left by Morgan who has been on the show since 2005. That familiar face is of none other than agent Emily Prentiss (Paget Brewster) who currently works for Interpol.

In episode 19 of season 11 of “Criminal Minds” entitled “Tribute,” Prentiss is after an international serial killer who has been evading the Interpol for some time. Prentiss believes he is in the United States and seeks BAU’s help to track him down. The unidentified subject has been copying murders done by David Berkowitz, also known as .44 Calibre Killer. She is also having nightmares about him. The full episode is available on CBS.

Executive producer Erica Messer told TV Guide that she wanted Brewster to be a part of the season 11 premiere. However, the actress was doing “Grandfathered” at that time. They were able to have her return to “Criminal Minds” once “Grandfathered” wrapped in February.

“Having Paget back is always fun — she’s the best — but having her back for [Episode] 19 was particularly special because Prentiss knows what it’s like from both sides of [watching] someone leaving the team and walking away herself,” Messer says. “Everyone misses Morgan and she helps them cope. She has that perspective. And at the same time, it’s a happy reunion with her — with us. We’re all thrilled whenever she can come back,” she adds.

Seeing as Shemar Moore’s character is still alive, he can definitely return in the future like Prentiss did. “How great if we could get Shemar to consult once in a while?” Erica Messer tells TV Guide.

Shemar Moore spoke about his bittersweet farewell to E! News. “My final day was brutal. I mean, it was beautiful, but—again, I love that the episode’s called “A Beautiful Disaster.” My final day was hard because it wasn’t just Derek Morgan walking off into the sunset. It was me, Shemar, who hates goodbyes. There’s, you know 360-some odd people that it takes to make that machine work and 11 years, it’s really like a family.”

Moore joked that he’ll miss free food on set the most. “I’m going to miss the free food: Steak and shrimp and potatoes and macaroni and cheese. Man. [Laughs] Because I’m not the best cook in the world, so now I’m walking my dogs a lot and I’ve got to go grocery shopping. I might take a cooking class” Moore said.

As regards to his career, Moore says he is looking forward to his future. “I’m very nervous. It’s scary, but I have a lot of confidence in myself. I believe in what I’m capable of, and I’m continuing to grow, continuing to learn. You just walk into that fire.” Well, fans of Derek Morgan will no doubt wish him all the very best for his future.