Last time when CBS introduced a Criminal Minds spin-off, it only lasted for 13 episodes. Even Oscar winner Forest Whitaker could not save “Criminal Minds: Suspect Behaviour” and propel it to the “CSI” and “NCIS” kind of popularity.

As per the Fresnobee, CBS isn’t “giving up”. The network is set to introduce yet another spin-off “Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders.” The report also suggests that Erica Messer, who produced 138 episodes of “Criminal Minds,” and Mark Gordon, who produced 247 episodes of “Criminal Minds,” are the team behind the new spinoff.

The upcoming American police procedural series will be produced by The Mark Gordon Company in association with CBS Television Studios and ABC Studios. The production is a spin-off from the successful Criminal Minds series, and will follow an elite team of FBI agents solving cases that involve American citizens on international soil.

Messer states that there are more crimes than ever. The makers also include a research to showcase their findings of more crime happening outside the states. The research findings state that “Americans are traveling more than ever before and that 68 million Americans leave the United States every year.”

“Our brains just started ticking that there’s crime that happens to those Americans and wouldn’t it be amazing if there was a team of FBI heroes that could come save you,” Messer says. “We wanted to keep the relatability that ‘Criminal Minds’ does so well and bring that to this series as well.

“Even if you’re somebody who doesn’t want to travel the globe, chances are you know someone who does, and so those relatable, scary stories are the ones that we’re bringing to you in the international landscape.”

According to NJ, the makers of the show also stresses on the fact that there will be “big” differences. Producers have often turned to Gary Sinise, but he won’t be “playing a character with so “On ‘CSI: NY,’ you had an individual that lost a family member. He lost his wife on Sept. 11. He was grieving for nine seasons, then found love again at the end of the series,” Sinise says. “We’re going to explore that aspect of this character and all the personal lives of the other characters as the audience gets to know them as well.

“In law enforcement, quite often on television, there’s always these characters that are constantly broken. On the other hand, there are several law enforcement individuals in this country that have found a way to have a successful family, to raise kids, to keep their marriages together.”