A New Zealander who had a criminal history has been deported from Australia and was separated from his family after staying there for 40 long years.

Kiwi Simon Horne had been in Australia for a long period of time but in October 2015, he was deported and was separated from his mother, wife, three children and nine grandchildren. It was in December 2014 when the federal government introduced new laws of immigration, according to which the visas of foreigners with a criminal record would be cancelled. The legislation stated that if a foreign citizen has been sentenced to even one year of jail in his lifetime, he would face deportation from Australia.

“I wake up in the morning, I can’t hear my family, I can’t talk to them. I’ve got nothing, but that’s because of my stupidity,” Horne said as quoted by Stuff New Zealand. He admitted to having a criminal history but at the same time said that it was something he left far behind. He has not been jailed since 2011. He said he was not a saint and was responsible for the grief of many people. He confessed he had committed bodily harm and had been involved in several other crimes like drinking and driving, parole breaches, among others.

An Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection spokesman said they would not discuss the Kiwi’s case in detail. “The Australian Government takes very seriously its responsibility to protect the Australian community from the risk of harm posed by non-citizens who engage in criminal conduct or behavior of concern,” the spokesperson said.

According to Radio New Zealand’s report published in February, almost 30 percent of Kiwis were deported from Australia as their convictions seemed to re-offend the nation. The figures were released to incoming Police Minister Judith Collins. Police, however, expected the rates to rise to 55 percent in the coming two years. The document revealed the measures being undertaken by the governments of both the countries, Australia and New Zealand, to ensure the reduction of risk of the return of said offenders.