A group of clowns in Greenville, South Carolina is reportedly trying to lure children of the Fleetwood Manor Apartments into the woods. Although the authorities have not yet confirmed these sightings, several of the children claim that the clowns were offering them large amounts of money to follow them to the house by the pond.

When the police investigated the house, they did not find any evidence of suspicious activity or any object a clown could use. The authorities are patrolling the apartment complex but they cannot yet confirm if these sightings are true or are merely the product of the children’s strong imagination.

On August 19, the son of Donna Arnold, one of the apartment complex’s resident, allegedly saw some of these clowns who were whispering and making strange noises. She initially thought her boy was lying.

Donna went to the location of her child’s sighting and noticed a group of clowns flashing green laser lights.  In an interview with the local television station WYFF, Donna adds that 30 kids approached her and told her that they, too, saw the clowns in the woods.

Another resident of the apartment complex claims that while walking to her home, she saw a big clown with a blinking nose standing under a post light near the dumpster. The clown waved at her and she waved back.

The property manager of Fleetwood Manor Apartments in Greenville sent a letter to the residents that warned parents about a clown trying to lure children into the woods. Meanwhile, Ryan Flood, a spokesman for the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office, states that some of the residents have tried to solve the problem by themselves, firing shots in the woods.

More investigations are underway. However, Flood points out that the media attention could make it harder to solve this case. The spokesman says that other people may get the idea of dressing up as clowns and prank the authorities.