Creepy clowns Australia have begun to terrorize citizens once again by threatening two 12-year-old girls with the intention to steal a phone.

The incident took place in Adelaide’s CBD. The threat reports have come despite a constant warning from police. Clowns have been a symbol of peace and humor but their threat in Australia and in some parts of the US has changed the way people used to perceive the jesters.

A group of girls were purchasing ice cream when a clown walked up to them. The girls were accompanied by one of their fathers. They were terrorized close to the intersection of Pulteney and Rundle streets on Saturday night at around 9:30 pm. When the guardian accompanying the teenage girls realized the girls’ terror, he hit the clown while the girls screamed and ran into Hungry Jack’s to hide out of terror.

“The lady at Hungry Jack’s was so nice. She hid me behind a counter,” one of the girls posted on social media. “I was screaming and crying, so was (name withheld) because she thought the clown took me away.”

The Advertiser republished the report with due permission of parents as it was stated in the post written by one of the victims of the creepy clowns Australia incident. She described how the clown attacked her and tried to take away her phone. “This is not a joke at all, they will attack you, beat you and steal your phone,” she wrote. “I am traumatized, I am shaking, we called the police, he kicked me …”

There have been multiple events of clown terror across the nation, including a recent one in West Australia. A 19-year-old man dressed up as a clown and chased a group of teenage girls about 700 meters from Fitzgerald Street to the Northam Police station on Gairdner Street. The man was charged with disorderly behavior and possession of a disguise.

Where creepy clowns Australia terror has been increasing in Australia, Arizona’s Clown Lives Matter launched a peace walk on Saturday to show that clowns are not harmful and dangerous but are humorous and friendly.