The Crazy Ex Girlfriend Season 2 will feature an entirely new theme song. The move makes sense, however, since the theme song in the pilot season still talks about Rachel Bloom’s character moving from his lawyer job in New York to sunny West Covina in California to stalk her former boyfriend, Josh.

Now, they’ve actually connected and fans can see there’s something still there between the two.

The change in theme song was revealed by Bloom during a Vulture podcast where she said that they are writing an entirely new track.

“Yeah that’s right,” she said. “F–k you Game of Thrones, same stupid theme song. The wall? I’ve been to the wall. I’ve been to Mereen, bit&%es. Show me something new!”

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She quickly added, “I love that show.”

But Aline Brosh McKenna revealed that fans would have to get used to this change in the theme song for Crazy Ex Girlfriend Season 2. The track is not merely cosmetics as it will actually reflect the theme for the particular season.

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“Now that Rebecca has admitted this thing, now that Josh knows that he’s the reason why she’s there, how is she going to feel on the heels of this?” she added.

In another interview published on Deadline, McKenna said that Rebecca will continue to suffer an identity crisis in Crazy Ex Girlfriend Season 2. But then her actions of the past season and their effects on the other people surrounding her will come back to haunt the main character.

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Bloom, for her part, explained in another article from Deadline that her character will continue with her skewed sense of happiness, which is to be with Josh even if there’s Greg who obviously fancies her. In fact, her feelings were only reinforced by the night that Rebecca and Josh spent together.

CW still has not announced the release date for Crazy Ex Girlfriend Season 2. In the weeks to come, however, more details would likely come out and hopefully they include the new theme song.