Gamers would be playing a plethora of new games that are currently available in the market, but certain games like Counter-Strike cannot be forgotten. Counter-Strike is one of the most loved games among gamers.

Counter-Strike 1.6, named Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, is now playable on Android devices. This news does not refer to a playable stream of PC version or a remake, but it is a full game which is now available with access to servers and includes all terms of features you expect in the game, according to Kotaku.

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It is worth noting that the mobile version of the game didn’t drop the classic first-person shooter. The game provides virtual buttons on the screen thus making it unintuitive for most. However, there might be little difference from the PC version nevertheless, something is probably better than nothing.

Interestingly, the Android version of Counter-Strike was the efforts of a single man, named Alibek Omarov. He has also provided instructions on how to do it, notes NDTV.

However, it will not hard for the gamers as they can get the necessary files here and they need to have a Steam account on their computer with Counter-Strike 1.6 installation. By doing this, the gamer can obtain some required data. Note that you will require the Xash3D Android engine higher than or equal to version 0.17 to run this game.

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Although, it might not interest some gamers as it may not be the greatest version of the game but it certainly shows that what is possible if Valve decides to develop the game for the small screens.