South Australian Senator Cory Bernardi is all prepared to announce his split from the Coalition. He is also set to form his own political party to be called Australian Conservatives. The move comes following the setting up of the Australian Conservatives website in 2016.

The website was created with an aim of building a strong foundation for a grassroots conservative movement. Through the website, the senator attempted to reconnect to voters and restore traditional values of Menzies-era. According to reports, Cory Bernardi has not yet asked any of his colleagues to join him at this phase of his political journey. Moreover, there are no reports of the senator’s conversation with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull or any senior authority regarding his plans.

Cory Bernardi released his latest newsletter in which he focused on a “testing year” for the Government. “Unfortunately there are too few in our body politic willing to take the path less travelled — a trustworthy track that has fallen out of use,” he said. “For the sake of our nation, we must get back on track.”

Cory Bernardi has been a socially conservative and economically liberal personality. He has been a firm supporter if small government, free trade and lower taxes. He claimed that the coalition has shifted from such strategies. In the July elections 2016, the senator raised doubts over the coalition bleeding over million votes to conservative parties, thereby neglecting their basic values. Bernardi has his own views on gay rights, Islam and climate change, which had brought him in the political limelight.

Who Else Has Decided Defecting With Cory Bernardi

Cory Bernardi’s decision to split from the Liberal National Party was hinted earlier in December following the government’s support to setting up an emissions trading scheme. It was being speculated that Queensland LNP backbencher George Christensen would join the senator in forming the new party, Australian Conservatives. However, the latest updates have revealed that the backbencher has decided to stay loyal to Barnaby Joyce and the Coalition.

Christensen had a conversation with Guardian Australia where he said that he could work more effectively within the government. “I still believe we can effect change from within government, that’s why I am not going anywhere,” Christensen said. “I’m here in the government, as long as the government holds true to the values of the people that put us there,” he added. In addition to the backbencher Liberal senator Eric Abetz also said he won’t move out of the coalition.

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