Cortana, Google Now, and Siri are three virtual assistants those are dominating the tech world. Apparently, all three have a problem.

Google Now is unable to tell a joke, Cortana’s learning the neighbourhood, and Siri has a problem with the metric system. However, there could one assistant which would be better than other two.

So we asked some 10 same questions to all three assistants to know who is better than the other two.


Both Google and Siri presented a screen image that showed the current condition and a forecast, while Cortana answered a spoken weather report.

All three provide the age of President Obama and on asking his wife’s name they all remembered that the question referred to the president, and said “First Lady: Michelle Obama.”

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All three gave the correct answer for the length of the Golden Gate Bridge. However, for some reason, Siri gave an answer in meters, while Cortana and Google provided in feet.

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Surprisingly, Cortana was pretty accurate in finding the nearest drug store while Google and Siri could list three within a half-mile.

Upon asking to make a reservation at a restaurant, Siri and Cortana were puzzled, while Google automatically fired up the Open Table app on the Nexus phone, notes NDTV.

Siri was quick enough to find movie tickets, it opened the Fandango app which lets you buy tickets online. Whereas Google also got connected with Fandango, but Cortana had trouble connecting.


Both Siri and Cortana would come up with a joke. It was filled with humorous answers for predictable questions, while Google just focused on answering it on a serious note. Google would simply provide a list of Internet links for your questions.

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All three virtual assistant were good at answering factual questions but Siri’s programmers went a step ahead by offering the best sense of humour.