Microsoft’s voice assistant, Cortana, has now made its way onto Android and iOS platforms as well as on the Cyanogen OS. With each operating system, Cortana has something different to offer. This is good news for users with Windows 10 desktop or laptop; the voice assistant can sync their data across devices.

Desktop users can easily activate their personal voice assistant by just saying: ‘Hey Cortana’ when on the homescreen or in the app to bring up the voice assistant. As of now though, this particular feature isn’t available on iOS, as noted by Digital Trends.

Apple iPhone users can sure call out “Hey Siri,” to bring up their original voice assistant. At this point it is still difficult to say how Cortana will fair against Siri.  However it appears that Apple fans  will be sticking to their beloved assistant for now.  But it should be noted that there are several common features across platforms.  These include ability to track packages and flights, get missed call alerts on Windows 10 laptops and set location-based reminders.

It should alsobe noted that the Cortana OTA update will arrive with 12.1.1 Cyanogen this month for the OnePlus One device.   Users, same with that of Android , can just say, “Hey Cortana” to activate the voice assistant either from the homescreen or from within apps. People using the Cyanogen platform will enjoy a more “integrated experience” with Cortana .

The official Windows blog read, “The custom integration includes the ability to ask Cortana to toggle network modes, power down your phone, and turn on Quiet Mode amongst other features. With Quiet Mode enabled, all notifications, calls and alarms will be silenced.”

Actually, the OnePlus One handset is the only Cyanogen-based device to be running Cortana. The blog states, “This is just the start of our partnership as Cortana will be rolled out to other Cyanogen OS powered devices early next year with even greater functionality, and we look forward to doing even more together in the future.”

The Cortana app is now available in the U.S. and China for iPhone running iOS8 and up.  Devices running Android 4.1.2. can also enjoy it.