Indian business tycoon Vijay Mallya is apparently being hunted down  by UK media. He claimed this on social media.

The post came on Twitter, as the businessman said that media should not waste their time, as he had no desire to talk to them. Mallya earlier left his the country and fled to Britain with around $242 million (US$183 million) unpaid debts, seems to have his assets sold.

Some of his assets, he pledged over the unpaid loan, got sold. HDFC, the country’s largest mortgage lender, sold his 3 lakhs shares on Friday.United Spirit Limited Stock was sold raising  Rs 71 crore at market prices from the disposal.

Majority of his free assets worth more than $142 million (US$108 million) to will make up for the lack of security against loans of about $1,382 million (INR 7,000 crore) to Kingfisher Airlines, Times of India reports.

Banks want their money back as dues from the KingfisherBSE 3.03 percent Airlines fall have reached to more than Rs 9,000 crore including compound interest. The lenders have asked the Supreme Court to order his arrest and he returns to India to answer questions regarding debts, Economic Times reports.

The lists of other assets which Bank wants to sell are Mallya’s mansion in Goa, expected to bring $10 million (INR 50 crore), Kingfisher Airlines, United Breweries. Mallya is now believed to be hiding out at the  Hertfordshire mansion he bought from  racing driver Lewis Hamilton last year, according to The Telegraph

Though the security near the mansion denied to have seen him but the nearby neighbours seem to have seen him moving around in the expensive cars.

The report further stated that India’s  Congress party on Thursday slashed the BJP-led government for allowing Mr Mallya to “flee”. Late on Thursday, the willful defaulter of the country took on to Twitter to deny the ‘claims’. He said that all this is rubbish and it is a media witch hunt.

He has agreed to follow the law of the country and has been ordered by the Supreme Court to appear before as a person with his passport.

This is not the first time when a high profile business tycoon has left to UK to hide from the clutches of Indian government. The others include Lalit Modi involved in IPL scam, Tiger Hanif involved in 1993 Gujarat bomb attack.