LG’s game in the smartphone business had evidently been topnotch after the company’s push to better its flagships bore fruit. Now, in what seems to be a surprising move from the South Korean tech giant, the company made another announcement aside from its G5 launch. At the Mobile World Congress 2016, LG has unveiled a set of innovative accessories that will go nicely with its latest flagship.

LG has forayed into the virtual reality department, and has launched its very own VR headset. It comes with a 1.88-inch IPS display with a massive pixel density of 639ppi. Engadget notes that the headset itself isn’t actually stereoscopic, which would put it in quite a disadvantage when compared to other VR headsets that use the feature for better immersion. However, it’s not as heavy as the competition, making convenience and comfort as its primary features.The VR headset in question doesn’t actually require a smartphone to be slotted in front of the headset. Rather, it connects to the LG G5 via a USB-C cable.

On the other hand, LG also announced another accessory for its flagship – the LG 360 Cam. This new accessory features a pair of 13MP camera sensors that are capable of capturing videos. It also features three microphones to deliver 5.1 surround sound, making it perfect for users that want to capture rich audio to go along with crystal clear video. It comes with quite a limited 4GB internal storage, although it can easily be upgraded via microSD card.

Lastly, LG unveiled another accessory called the Rolling Bot. It’s a compact-sized ball robot that users can remotely control and move around a location. It’s capable of taking photos and videos through its 8MP shooter, and it can even stream the videos it capture via Wi-Fi.

LG tags these accessories and modules as “Friends” of its latest flagship. They will be released alongside the G5 when it comes out, so you can have more things to play with should you take LG’s route.