Scream Queens 2” will be more fun and exciting, revealed the cast members at Fox’s Upfront party in New York. They added that the show will also take a much darker turn than the first season.

The cast, reports E! News, haven’t gotten their hands on a script yet but they teased that season 2 will be much darker as the story moves from the college setting to that of a hospital.

“I think it’ll be dark. I think it’s going to be very dark,” actress Jamie Lee Curtis who plays Dean Cathy Munsch, told E! News. “It’s in a hospital, [there’s] a lot of darkness in hospitals—dark hallways, scary rooms, sharp objects, a lot of blood, disinfectants.”

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This is exciting news for fans of the show. A hospital is indeed a scary place to be for patients as it is. In the fantasy world of Hollywood, hospitals are more often used as places of nightmares than places of healing. And the surgical instruments meant for saving lives become weapons of death. Of course, there are those murderers posing as doctors and nurses clichés. We’re sure to get a lot of that in season 2 it seems. Besides, as reported by Variety, “Scream Queens” co-creator Brad Falchuk had also said that the second season will be inspired by the “Halloween” franchise. Jamie Lee Curtis starred in four “Halloween” films and they also had scene sets in hospitals.

Lea Michele, who plays Hester Ulrich, said, “I don’t know how I can get any darker than I did in season one but hey, whatever [showrunner] Ryan Murphy wants me to do I am totally down with.” Hester, of course, turned out to be one of the Red Devil Killers in the episode “The Final Girl(s).” She’ll have a lot of medical instruments to play about with. Lea Michele also says that in season 2, she gets to be even crazier than in the first season.

This doesn’t mean that the fun parts will be absent, though, assures Emma Roberts, who plays Chanel Oberlin. Also, there will be newer additions to the TV series. “We’re adding some incredible new cast members that you’ll find out about soon. It’s going to be fun, it’s going to be wild,” Emma Roberts told E! News.

One can imagine that lots of prosthetic brains, guts, eyeballs, fingers flying and lying around will be the next logical step, or is that a step too far?  All will be eventually revealed when season 2 premieres in September.