Australian Cardinal George Pell will go through international media scrutiny when he sits for the Royal Commission hearing. The hearing will be conducted to receive institutional responses into child sex abuse.

In Sydney, the public hearing will be held at the Royal Commission’s hearing room. Cardinal Pell would lay down the evidence from Hotel Quirinale via videolink.

The Cardinal will be appearing before the Commission for the third time.

The Commission is meant to investigate what knowledge Cardinal Pell had about the activities of paedophile priests, belonging to the Catholic Church in Melbourne.

According to Ballart Deputy Mayor Belinda Coates, Cardinal Pell’s testimony before the Royal Commission could act as a “catalyst” for more victims of paedophile priests to approach.

“There are so many survivors that we have who have been affected by clergy abuse within Ballart,” she said. “We know that with a crime like child abuse the majority of people don’t come forward and haven’t told anyone.”

Pell’s testimony hearing will be held at a conference room in the magnificent Hotel Quirinale, over three to four days from Monday, says SBS News.

However, in the light of this upcoming hearing, many locals in Rome are somewhat ignorant of the emotionally charged events. Last Saturday, the hotel was packed with Scottish rugby fans, who were visiting Rome for the six-nations game.

These people were entirely unaware of the upcoming events related to the commission hearing and didn’t know who Cardinal Pell was. According to a local chef named Avi, Italians avoided commenting publicly about the child sex abuse, which was occurring at the core of the Catholic Church, says News Corp.

“They follow behind closed doors,” he said. “It’s not only about the priesthood…it’s about the power at the top.”

Coincidentally, the US film Spotlight, showcasing a group of journalists who expose child sex abuse at Boston churches, will be contesting for six Oscars on Sunday evening in Los Angeles.