House of Cards premiered on March 4 with soaring expectations. Here is how it turned out to be.

Episode 1

When we left Kevin Spacey’s President Underwood and his first lady Macbeth, Claire, (Robin Wright), he was locked in a tough re-election campaign and she, weary of being used for his political gain, was leaving him.

The big question after last season’s finale was where Claire and Frank stand with one another. The answer is clear right away: They’re at odds, and the divide seems to be growing. Lucas thinks that his cellmate is innocent. He was convicted of killing a man, but Lucas isn’t so sure he did it. Claire’s trips to Dallas as she wants to run for governor. Frank is seen lost in New Hampshire, giving Dunbar some serious momentum.

Episode 2

Frank uses the State of the Union to derail Claire’s plans, but that isn’t going to stop her from fighting for what she wants.Claire’s mother, Elizabeth, seems to be shaping up to be a major part of this season,plotting the downfall of Frank and his presidential bid. House of Cards is on fire now.

Episode 3

Everyone is coming after Frank, as Lucas tries to expose his darker side while Claire attempts to derail his campaign. Frank keeps sidelining and modulating his dealings on the Russian crisis because of his campaign.Lucas prostituted himself (and walked into a future extortion and blackmail scheme) in the name of enlightening Heather Dunbar about Frank.

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Episode 4

Chaos erupts after an assassination attempt, changing things for Claire, Frank, and everybody else. The House of Cards episode begins with Frank asking Seth and Doug to figure out a way to spin the news about Claire becoming his running mate as something not problematic. Dunbar hopes if the AG can see if Frank’s administration is coordinated with the FBI to take Lucas down.Claire doesn’t turn up at the White House and has her own motives.

Episode 5

When Lucas’ theories about the Underwoods are revealed to the media, Doug goes into damage control while Claire takes control of Donald Blythe. Frank has serious health issues, he needs liver transplant. Claire is fully inserting herself into a power position by slyly offering Donald Blythe continuous counsel.

Episode 6

Finally, Frank Underwood is back. The President isn’t just back to being relatively healthy and, you know, awake, but also back to being sharp and aware of his need for his partnership with Claire.Claire is fighting an uphill battle with her energy plan involving Russia and China. She finally manages to get her plan approved by Petrov, tells the truth to DOJ.

Episode 7

The arc of the previous six episodes, centered mostly on the struggle between Claire and Frank, has drawn to a conclusion for now.Instead of carrying over the storylines and tensions that accompanied it, we get a fresh slate of ‘em, and the result feels like a whole new show.Frank’s back to addressing the camera on a regular basis.With Will Conway gaining popularity, the Underwoods work on establishing a plan to ruin his campaign and reassert their political dominance.

Episode 8

The Conways have invited novelist Tom Yates (Paul Sparks) to their Albany home.Ohio senator Dean Austen is yet another “underwhelming, middle-aged white guy” — and he’s an NRA supporter.News breaks that Austen is linked to the gun bill.

Episode 9

The Democratic National Convention has kicked off in Atlanta — and the energy is palpable.Claire has a single vote for VP, courtesy of Kentucky senator Scott Sheer. She acts flattered, but reiterates her support for Durant and announces that her gun bill has passed in the House. With Durant refusing to meet with Frank and his position as the Democrat nominee on shaky ground, Frank decides it’s best for Claire to head to Texas with Tom on the pretense of helping her mother.

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Episode 10

The newsmen explain that Dunbar is still technically on the ballot, which means Frank doesn’t actually have enough delegates at the moment to claim the nomination.Durant is in Atlanta. She takes the convention stage to offer her condolences to Claire.Crowd nominates Claire and Frank to the ticket.

Episode 11

The Underwoods are busy hitting the campaign trail.Claire offers to take on the responsibility of traveling due to Frank’s bad health condition.Claire and Tom’s initial post-sex awkwardness has melted into more sexy time. Unfortunately, it goes back to being a bit awkward and he decides he should leave the campaign.

Episode 12

Frank’s ground operation has panned out; U.S. troops have captured ICO leader Yusuf al Ahmadi.Frank and Conway get the terrorists on the phone and they rip into the New York governor for killing innocent people and dropping bombs, which they say makes him worse than the president.

Episode 13

It’s the final episode of House of Cards. Thankfully, it doesn’t waste any time in revealing Frank’s plan. ICO terrorist Yusuf al Ahmadi is secretly transported out of Guantanamo Bay and into a government safe house in Virginia.James Miller is killed. Everyone in the situation room is visibly anguished, but Claire and Frank’s faces remain placid. They turn to face the camera. “We don’t submit to terror,” Frank says. “We make the terror.”

Spacey launched his campaign on Twitter, as the season was premiered on Netflix. While the US election season is on full swing, let’s see how much House of Cards can contribute to it.