No one can be as big a fan of One Direction as Millie Lovelock. Yes, Lovelock is the biggest One direction fan because she is focusing her entire Masters study on the musical band and their fan base. She is an English Master’s student at the Otago University in New Zealand.

Becoming a fan can take you to places you have never been.

Lovelock is exploring how young girls are figuring out their identities, finding acceptance and expressing their sexuality through fandom according to Vice ID.

She is now studying One Direction in every breath of her life.

Lovelock, one half of Dunedin post punk group Astro Children, first became interested in the band after watching one of their films and seeing “all these screaming and crying teenage girls” according to

She emphasizes that fandom helps girls to feel less isolated and acts as a tool in self-discovery. The non- male threatening beauty of One – Direction attracts number of girls.

She also told Vice ID “When people say, ‘You’ve got all these crazy girls after you,’ they’re quite good at saying, ‘They’re not crazy, they’re just excited, they’re passionate, they’re interested in something,'” she explains.

She blames that the popularity of One Direction is because of their loyal fan support. She also adds that a young woman does not have many options to explore about sexuality, and Internet is the only way out.

Other boy bands that had been the subject of academic research previously were Backstreet Boys and NSYNC
To broaden the perspective of people about the band is what Lovelock aims for. She is yet experimenting. “I have only just started so I am not entirely sure what I am doing yet,” she says.

“I couldn’t guarantee that I wouldn’t be a mess if i interviewed One Direction, but I like to think that I have intellectualized it enough for myself that I would be OK,” she tells when asked if she ever got to interview One Direction