NBA rumors have it that the Sacramento Kings are keen to trade Rudy Gay away. As players and teams hunt for each other in free agency land, the Sacramento Kings are scrambling to find a new home team for three of its current players. Aside from Rudy Gay,  the Kings are also keen to trade Kosta Koufos and Ben McLemore.

However, in Rudy Gay’s case, there are conflicting reports. Sources have said that the Sacramento Kings started to find a trade for the veteran after Gay himself requested for it. Sources further claim that Rudy Gay is unhappy with his stay at the Kings’ court.  Some say he requested for the trade while others are claiming Gay has nothing to do with the trade talks. Whether it was him who instigated the trade or not, one thing is for sure: Rudy Gay wants out of the Cousins’ team entirely.

One wonders if the Sacramento Kings are rebuilding their team or are they acting in the interest of Cousins.

Based on Rudy Gay’s performance last season, he looks to be a good fit anywhere but in the Sacramento Kings. The 2014-2015 season saw Rudy performing better. However, as Michael Malone stepped out and George Karl stepped in, Rudy Gay’s play just went downhill.

Though the 29-year-old has never been included in the All Star roster, he took home a gold medal under Team USA at the FIBA World Cup last 2014. Despite his unhappiness with his current team, last season saw him creating an average of 17.2 points and 6.5 rebounds in 70 games last season. He also continues to be one of the notable offensive players in the league.

NBA rumors say that in an effort to patch things up, the Sacramento Kings have recruited Gay’s former Memphis coach Dave Joerger. However, Rudy Gray is still up for a trade. One can even call it the Sacramento Kings sale.

As for the teams who are looking at the talented players, NBA rumors highlight Los Angeles Clippers, Atlanta Hawks and Chicago Bulls being in talks with the Sacramento Kings. The question is, which team has the most lucrative offer to acquire a talented forward such as Rudy Gay?