The Bureau of Meteorology issued a severe weather warning urging people to remain indoors as an incoming storm will create strong waves and heavy rains are expected to strike eastern New South Wales over the weekend.

Earlier, a gale warning from Byron Bay to the north of Illawarra and Bateman’s Bay to the south of the state was issued by the BoM. Flash floods are also expected to affect the regions.

“We are going to see some very big swell and dangerous surf conditions initially in the north and right along the coast until Sunday,” 9 News quoted BoM forecaster Rebecca Kamitakahara as saying. “We are also going to see strong gale force winds developing right along the NSW coast. Generally speaking, this is going to be a wet weekend across most of eastern NSW.”

A low pressure expected to form off the south-east Queensland coast tomorrow is likely to travel slowly southward and gain intensity as it passes the NSW coastline. Some of the areas in the state’s northern parts are predicted to be battered by 300 millimeters of rain and gusty winds.

The BoM has alerted of dangerous surf on Saturday afternoon as a result of the low pressure. Thus, anyone planning boating or other coastal activities has been cautioned. Conditions have been predicted to intensify as the storm travels south.

“US Navy computer modelling is saying 12 to 15 [feet] and bigger, maybe even 20 feet in some places. We’re thinking specifically Sydney and northern New South Wales,” the ABC quoted surf forecaster Mike Perry as saying. “It’s going to be big. But it’s a north-easterly swell. With that much wind and so close to us it’s unruly and the period between waves will probably be between four to seven seconds, which is not much. Entirely unsafe for everybody,” he added.

BoM forecaster Mohammad Nabi urged anyone planning any coastal activities this weekend to just stay indoors.