Several California police officers are under investigation after their alleged sex scandal with an under-aged girl. The internal affairs investigation centres around a teen who revealed her relationship with officers on her Facebook page.

Apparently, Celeste Guap had sex with more than a dozen policemen since she was 16. She is now about 18 going to 19. She started revealing the details of these relationships on Facebook and referred to them as harmless.  After the allegations, 3 officers were placed on paid leaves.

The case took a completely different turn when a California police officer Brenden O’Brien committed suicide one year after his wife’s death and gave controversial details in his suicide note. O’Brein’s wife Irma Huerta Lopez, 29, committed suicide in June 2014. Initially, Lopez’s death was investigated as suspicious but later investigators came to the conclusion that it was a suicide, according to East Bay Times. However, her sister and family blamed O’Brein for her death.

Lopez’s sister Paulina Huerta said last week, “I always knew it. It was not possible for my sister to kill herself. But we didn’t have proof.”

The gun that killed Lopez was fired twice and  both Lopez and O’Brein were tested positive for gunshot residue on their hand. The coroner’s report suggested that the two had heated argument on the night of the suicide, following which O’Brein left home. When he returned he found her dead.

Meanwhile, Gaup’s latest Facebook post referring to O’Brein said, “The only officer I ever messed with underage is sadly gone now, so I don’t know why this is still being brought up.”

Another investigation was ordered by a federal judge later when it was found that several other police officers had lied about their relationship with Gaup. One of the officers even admitted  having sex with her, reported The officer is facing a statutory rape charge in the criminal investigation.

Notably, Gaup’s mother works for the same police department.