Copa America 2016 now witnesses the USA vs Paraguay. Both teams are in it to win a spot out of the group stage. Team USA has not lost a single game done in the Lincoln Financial Field but Paraguay has always made the final 8 in 8 of their 9 Copa America tournaments.

In the quest for a quarterfinal spot, who would win their goal? Find out the 3 best moments of the USA vs Paraguay match below.

USA Makes 1-0

Capitalizing on their territory, Team USA makes the first goal courtesy of Dempsey! Dempsey’s first attempt at a goal had Paraguay blocking him everywhere.

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Clint Dempsey makes a historic goal for himself as well with his 51st international goal in this USA vs Paraguay match. This is his 13th appearance for the US Men’s National team.

Red Card for Yedlin

It might be the fastest red card call yet in Copa America 2016. At the 47th minute mark, Yedlin gets 2 succeeding yellow cards before a red card is called out on him. The Guardian declares it “a harsh call” as Yedlin goes to the sidelines. DeAndre Yedlin is out and Paraguay may be the better for it. However, Paraguay needs to pick up their Copa America game if they want at least a draw.

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USA in the Last 8

The last time Team USA has made it to the final 8 of the Copa America series was in 1995 but now they have broken the long dry spell of Copa America losses. This is another historic defeat too as they stop Paraguay’s 8-year record of going into the quarterfinals.

As the US Men’s National Team triumphs over Paraguay and advances into the quarterfinals, they will have to do better than score a single goal. What with the likes of Argentina’s Lionel Messi doing hat tricks, it’s still an uphill climb for Team USA in the centennial year of Copa America. Question is, how long will the home court advantage work in Team USA’s favor?