Copa America 2016 is hours away from its momentous finals. Before the Copa America champions are decided, USA vs Colombia battled it out for the bronze.

Team USA suffered a crushing defeat at the hands of Argentina sending the host country to this third place match. Meanwhile, Chile deftly defended their route to the finals and sent Colombia to redeem themselves for a bronze.

But before that, here are the USA vs Colombia third place match highlights.

Unlucky 13

At the 13th minute mark, Jeison Murillo picks up not a goal but a yellow card. Obviously, all to prevent a US MNT goal from happening, Goal notes.

USA vs Colombia 0-1

Colombia finally scores! Thanks to Carlos Bacca. If Colombia prevents Team USA from ever making a goal, Bacca’s goal will be worth a bronze for the team!

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Maiden Match

It will be Tim Howard’s first time to face Colombia on the field. However, it seems the beginner’s luck was not with Howard or his team.

Wood Equalizes – Not!

David Ospina has done a great job defending the goal from Team USA’s goals. However, as Wood releases a brilliant kick for an equalizer at the 64th minute, it’s the goal post and not Ospina who stops their team from equalizing the game.

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4 Fails, 0 Goals

As Jurgen Klinsmann’s men continue to suffer from a dry spell of goals, Copa America notes that their second half has given them equal opportunities for a score. That is, in the first 20 minutes of the second half alone. Yet Team USA still can’t get past Colombia’s tight knit of defenders.

Colombia for the Bronze

Even though Team USA tried their best in sending the goals, their kicks were not able to deliver. From Colombia’s tight squad of men to David Ospina’s watchful eye and sensational saves, Jurgen Klinsmann and the team will have to settle at the fourth place.

Meanwhile, Colombia stays true to their record winning the 7th match in which they scored first. The third place win seals their Copa America centennial.

Starting and ending the Copa 100 with the same opponents, Colombia managed at least to salvage their reputation for a bronze. Winning their first and last match at the Copa America Centenario is still better than the host country’s embarrassing defeat at their home field.