In the Uruguay vs Jamaica match, Jamaica entered it as the only team who has not scored a single goal in the Copa America tournament this year. Will they finally be able to break the goalless streak and win or will Uruguay still come out on top as the victor?

Uruguay Scores!

Statistics show  that Uruguay has never lost a game which they led in terms of score point. The last time a game turned around against Uruguay’s favor despite them leading in the first half was in 1959.

History over and back to the game, Abel Hernandez sends a goal up high in the net after he successfully evades Taylor’s defense.

Abel Hernandez has @aufoficial up 1-0. 👉🏾 #Copa100

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Yellow Card for Hector

Hector played hard for the ball. Too hard in fact that he ended up elbowing Gonzalez that ended with him garnering a yellow card!

Jamaica’s Legendary 0

Jamaica is the only team in this year’s Copa America to have failed to score a single goal. With their disappointing performance and inability to even cross the center line with the ball in their possession, Jamaica may have been playing with a losing jinx.

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Own Goal by Je-Vaughn Watson

Jamaica’s Je-Vaugh Watson scores at the 66th minute mark. But at the wrong side of the field. Now, Uruguay leads with a 2-0 against goalless and scoreless Jamaica. How it must have hurt for Jamaica. As the saying goes, Watson just rubs salt into their wound.

 Uruguay vs Jamaica 3-0

Uruguay keeps playing the game and scores a late goal at the 88th minute mark. Matias Corujo sends a sweet goal into the net which is also Uruguay’s 2500th goal for their Copa America history!

That’s it for both of these teams’ Copa America 2016. Congratulations to Uruguay for finishing with a victory and making their 2500th historic goal. Meanwhile, Jamaica has the rest of the year to train and pick up their game if they plan to score at least a single goal in next year’s Copa America!