The final group game of Copa America 2016 schedule on Saturday will feature the match between Colombia and Costa Rica. Based on previews and analyses, here are the experts’ predictions on the match’s outcome.


The Colombian football squad faces less pressure on the outcome of this match as it already has secured a spot to the quarterfinals of Copa America 2016 with victories over the United States and Paraguay.

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With James Rodriguez in very good form after he left with an injury during Colombia’s first match against the US but came back strong during their match with Paraguay,  the Latin Post reports.

It safe to predict that he will continue to be a key to the Los Cafeteros victory.

Colombia however seems to lose steam during the second half as shown by its two previous matches and this can be a potential risk for them

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Costa Rica

Costa Rica’s hope of advancing to the quarterfinals of Copa America 2016 is dim and will depend on the outcome of the USA vs Paraguay match.

If the US wins, then Costa Rica is eliminated otherwise, its chance is still alive should it prevail over Colombia, MLS Soccer reports.

One key factor that will help Costa Rica’s chances is for the team to finally be able to make a goal after it fails to score on its two previous matches.

Colombia expected to prevail

Predictions of a win however are very much against Costa Rica as it faces powerhouse Colombia and James Rodriguez who can seize control of the game and lead his team to victory.

History is likewise at the side of the Los Cafeteros as records show that it has 9 wins, 3 draws and only 1 lost to against the Ticos.

All of their three previous Copa America meetings resulted to victories of the Colombian football squad.

Final prediction

Experts see a solid Colombian victory on this match. The score will be 1-0.