The Brazil vs Peru match in the Copa America 2016 will be stage at Foxborough, Massachusetts Sunday with both teams needing a win in order to automatically advance to the quarterfinals of the tournament.

Brazil has the better odds of advancing based on current Group B standings and predictions have the football powerhouse going through to the knockout rounds.

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Group B Standings

Copa America 2016 Group B standings show Brazil having a better goal differential of +6, which is enough to qualify it to the quarterfinals in the event that the match with Peru ends up in a draw.

Peru meanwhile is on shaky ground in the event of a draw with Brazil since advancing to the quarterfinals will depend on the Ecuador vs Haiti match. Should Ecuador prevail by two or more goals, Peru will be eliminated.

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With several scenarios for Brazil, Peru, and Ecuador on how to get the coveted slot in the quarterfinals, a win is a much and predictions and analyses point out for these three teams to slug it out in order to advance.


The Brazilian football squad had a rather disappointing scoreless draw with Ecuador on its first match but later on trounced Haiti 7-1.

Football analysts though are figuring out whether the dominating performance against Haiti was a result of a better Brazilian team or because they faced an inexperienced squad.

The Brazilian team has plenty of talents though doubt still lingers whether this team can truly win Copa America 2016, MLS Soccer reports.

Brazil can erase or prove these doubts in its performance against Peru this Sunday.


Peru has a good record in Copa America advancing seven times to the knockout stages of the tournament since 1997. It reached the semifinals three times and this includes the last two Copa America.

Could Peru make it 8 in a row is the big question for the team. They squandered a win during their match with Ecuador, leading 2-0 only to end up with a 2-2 draw after conceding two goals.

The odds are still solid for the Peruvian squad though as anything can happen on this tournament.