In the Mexico vs Venezuela match, the two teams had it easy as they are both fighting for the top spot of the Group C stage. However, one team needs to play better if their goal is to avoid facing Lionel Messi and Argentina in the quarterfinals.

As for now, here are the 5 key moments in the Copa America Group C stage.

Yellow Card

A yellow card instead of a goal started the Mexico vs Venezuela game. As Mexico’s Alexander Gonzalez goes for a late midfield challenge, the referee calls him out on it. Towards the end of the halftime, it’s Venezuela’s Hector Herrera who gets slapped with a yellow card. However, Goal calls it out as a not so good refereeing referring to the time it took for the referee to call out the offense.

As the game’s second half started, Mexico’s Christian Santos got a yellow card but first without the Mexicans challenging the referee for the booking.

Thirst For Firsts

Jose Manuel Velasquez scores the first goal for Venezuela at the 10th-minute mark. This also marks his first goal at his Copa America debut.

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Mexico vs Venezuela 1-1

Last 10 minutes of the match and Mexico’s Jesus Manuel Corona effectively gets past three defenders and brings home a goal!

Mexico’s motto might be better to be late than sorry. Thriving on a deadline, they send a goal at the 80th mark.

1-1 in #Houston! @miseleccionmx have tied it up.

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Velasquez for Venezuela

An incredible save by Velasquez at the 88th minute lets them maintain the 1-1 score between Mexico and Venezuela. Mexico’s Chicharito was in for a strike at the goal but Velasquez deftly defends, keeping the ball away from the net as far as possible.

Mexico vs Venezuela Tied

With Venezuela unable to score another goal, they have a hard task at hand for their next match. Venezuela is now on a direct path to collision with Argentina and Lionel Messi. Question is, will Venezuela rise up against the challenge or bow down to Messi’s brilliance?