Copa America 2016 has been quite a dramatic one. Brazil’s early exit, Messi’s free-kicks and USA in the semis – it’s been quite a ride. The final between Chile and Argentina promises to be a spectacular one.


The semi-final against Colombia in Chicago was delayed by more than a couple of hours. However, Chile kept its momentum going. It scored two quick goals early on. It managed to frustrate Colombia for the rest of the game.

Chile has been a strong team throughout the tournament. It beat Bolivia (2-1), Panama (4-2) and Mexico (7-0). Chile is not going to forget that this is the second consecutive time it’s facing Argentina in the final. It will not forget either that they defeated Messi’s army on the previous occasion.

Chile will aim to repeat what it did in 2015 and win the title for the second time. Charles Aránguiz and José Pedro Fuenzalida scored the two goals against Colombia, reports The Guardian. They need to play even better than that against the mightier opposition.

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Argentina is arguably the best team in the tournament so far. However, there is still an unfinished job. Messi has been criticized in the past for not performing well for his country. Even though he has performed brilliantly so far, people will wait for the final to judge his performance for the national team.

Even Messi is aware of this. When he started the FIFA World Cup 2014, he vowed to win it for his country. He played quite well in the tournament. But, his performance was poor in the final, when his team needed him the most. History repeats itself. But, Messi will pray that it does not repeat this time.

Argentina has been fantastic in Copa America 2016 so far. Messi is obviously the most important factor. But, other players are trying to match his class.

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The last Copa America final between these two teams did not see any scoring in the final 120 minutes. The match eventually ended in penalty shootout, which Chile won. It is highly unlikely that Argentina will fail to score this time. It scored 18 goals in five matches so far. The final should be no exception. However, unlike what many may think, it won’t be a one-sided match. Chile will fight well.

Messi will have the last laugh anyway. Argentina will win it 3-1. Messi will score at least once and become the highest scorer in the tournament.

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Where to Watch

The match is going to take place on June 27 10:00 am (Sydney time). It will be played at 26 at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey. You can watch the Copa America 2016 match live online on Sony Liv. It will also be available live on Sony ESPN.