Cristiano Ronaldo as well as fans is eagerly watching this. His rival Lionel Messi fails to score even once in the match. Argentina loses it to Chile in the Copa America 2016 final.

Penalty Shootout

Chile to shoot first. Romero saves!!! Advantage Argentina.
Messi comes in. And he misses big time. Astonishing!!
Chile scores. So does Argentina. 1-1.
Chile scores again. Romero does not even move. Aguero puts it in. 2-2.
Chile scores and leads 3-2. Bravo saves!! Advantage Chile!
Silva scores and Chile wins it!!!!!

Full Time (120 minutes)

History repeats itself. After goal-less 120 minutes, the match heads for penalty shootout. In 2015, Chile beat Argentina 4-1 in the Copa America final. It was penalty shoot-out that time as well. Does Chile have the psychological advantage now?

Update (105 minutes)

The first half of the extra time is done. It’s still goal-less. Is it heading for penalty shootout again?


What a save by Chile! Messi’s free-kick gets Aguero’s header. But, it’s a brilliant save. Is Bravo going to be the Man of the Match?

Update (95 minutes)

Chile is temporarily down to 9 players. It’s yellow card for Argentina. It’s getting messy. Argentina commits more fouls.

Update (injury time 90+ minutes)

Argentina looks desperate. But, it’s still goal-less. The match moves to extra time.

Update (90 minutes)

Chile almost scores. Then, Messi goes for a quick counter-attack, but misses the goal.

Update (85 minutes)

Argentina fans are getting restless. It is still goalless.

Update (72 minutes)

Higuain goes out for a substitution while Messi gets a free kick. Will he finally score for Argentina? Messi has to thank Aranguiz for a rather nasty foul against him but at least Messi gets a free kick out of it.

UPDATE (68 minutes)

Di Maria gets substituted and he kicks a water bottle in frustration. His injury from the first few minutes of the game has hounded him since then. It might be well for Argentina with a fresh feet on the field for now.
Meanwhile, Chile’s Beausejour picks up a yellow in the 52nd minute mark. Chile finally gets an opportunity for a goal at the 56th minute and it goes wide.

We have finally reached the Copa America 2016 final. Defending champions Chile will be against Argentina who is keen to end their 13 years of drought for a championship trophy.

Will Chile be able to keep Argentina’s leading scorer, Lionel Messi, from the goal or will Argentina continue winning?

Chile has lost their first Copa America 2016 match to Argentina. Will this be a good omen for Argentina?


Meanwhile, here are the lineups for the two teams.

Argentina is sporting their white and sky-blue uniforms…

while Chile is on fire with their fiery red kit.

First Half

As the match starts, both teams are hounded by injuries. La Roja’s Alexis Sanchez rolls his ankle the wrong way minutes into the game. Argentina’s Di Maria clutches his knee for a while. Charles Aranguiz is the next to go down and a stretcher in sight scares spectators. Though after a few minutes, all three return to the game like nothing happened.

25 minutes into the game and both sides still have not scored. Though Chile has had more possession of the ball, Argentina has been luckier getting 6 shot opportunities. Though, alas, it was not meant to be.

Red card for Chile’s Marcelo Diaz. Oh no! Chile down to 10 and the game still has an hour left. Messi fails to net a goal again and Diaz turns his back on Messi too quickly. Messi runs into him and calls for the referee. Pulling yellow and red cards in quick succession, Diaz is out.

Though Jim Rogers of The Guardian calls Messi out for his shameless display of ‘cynicism/gamesmanship’ for the seemingly framed up mistake on Diaz’.

If the first few minutes of the first half was riddled with injuries the last few minutes of the first half has cards flying everywhere!

Messi gets booked for a yellow while Marcos Rojo gets a red. Chile and Argentina are now both down to 10 men. But everyone’s wondering when will the two teams accumulate goals instead of cards?

Even with 5 minutes added to the first half, Copa America 2016 final halftime score is still parked at 0!

Second Half

And we’re onto the second half with both teams still looking to make a single goal. Both teams are playing with a 10-men squad after the red cards were unleashed. Will this mean there’ll be more space for goal?