Copa America 2016’s Brazil vs Peru will be a win-all match after a landslide victory for Ecuador.

Somebody’s going home tonight after Ecuador’s 4-0 victory over Haiti. Though it will be a tight fight between Brazil and Peru, only one thing is for sure. Colombia is ready and waiting for whoever comes out the victor in this final group stage match!

But before we go ahead in the quarterfinals match, here are the top 5 key moments that happened in the Brazil vs Peru game.

Brazil’s Birthday Boys

Two players will have a birthday match today on Brazil’s side, Phil Coutinho and Gil!

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Halftime at 0-0

Spectacular saves and penalties denied, both sides try their best to score a goal and prevent each other from scoring a point. Lucky for Brazil who holds a lead over Peru

4 Claims to Penalty, All Denied

Brazil, in an attempt to score a free kick, has tried all opportunities to claim a penalty for Peru. However, 3 of those 4 claims were clearly unfounded, Goal remarks.

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Debated Point Goes To

Finally, late goal here but Peru’s Raul Ruidiaz gets an opening and drives a goal at the 75th minute mark! However, Brazil appeals that it was a handball. The referee discussed it for a few minutes with his linesmen but the goal was still awarded.

Quarterfinals: Peru vs Colombia

Thanks to Ruidiaz’ contested goal, Peru leaves Brazil behind and advances forward to the quarterfinals! Despite Brazil’s excellent defense, and repeated claims for penalty, Peru still emerged as the victors.

Meanwhile, Colombia is waiting for Peru for the quarterfinals match. However, Peru will still need to pick up their game and pace if they want to further advance into the finals.

This victory is the first time Peru has beaten Brazil since 1975! What a centennial for Copa America full of surprise wins!