Copa America 2016 welcomes back into the tournament the best footballer in the world. Lionel Messi is back to take Argentina on the path to success against Panama. Read below for the Argentina vs Panama results and game highlights.

The game started with Lionel Messi on the bench for Argentina while Panama’s main man, Blas Perez is off to a hot start.

Argentina 1-0 Panama

Five minutes into a game, Perez forced a needless foul and Argentina got a free kick from 40 yards. From there, Argentina effortlessly gets ahead of Panama.

Panama’s Red Card

But not before Panama loses one key player, Godoy to a red card, The Guardian reports. Putting his arm in Gaitan’s face, Godoy quickly withdraws and puts his hands on his head, clearly showing repentance for the mistake that sends him off to the sidelines.

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Halftime closes with no Messi in the field and Argentina still ahead of Panama with one goal.

Messi’s Hat Trick

The second half of the game started with Messi still on the bench. At the 61st minute of the game, a bearded Lionel Messi makes an entrance.

With Messi in the game, Argentina fans’s cheers became louder. Point in fact, Argentina has not lost a single Copa America game yet and with the best footballer in the world on their team, it seems Argentina is formidable.

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And less than 10 minutes into the game, Messi scores a goal for Argentina! That’s 2-0 for them and a first for Lionel Messi in Copa America 2016!

Just minutes after he scored his first, Messi scores another goal, courtesy of a free kick.

To conclude his debut into the Copa America tournament, Messi makes a phenomenal entrance with a hat trick. Three straight goals for Argentina’s star player lands the team a 5-0 victory!