Copa America 2016 is on its second week, and the matches are just heating up. Missing Messi was not a problem for Argentina as they gave Chile a 2-1 defeat last July 7. Lionel Messi watched from the sidelines as he was recuperating from a back injury. However, with his recovery, Messi is finally cleared and ready to destroy Panama.

1. He’s the best player in the world of football.

Or at least that’s what Bundesliga players have agreed on. With 47.7% of the votes going to Messi, he won leagues ahead of Ronaldo, who only got 29.8% of the votes, and Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who got 3.4% of the votes, Marca reports.

2. He has fully recovered from his lumbar injury.

Messi has been prioritizing his recuperation ever since he sported the back injury last May 27. ESPN reports Argentina Coach Gerardo Martino saying he sees no reason why Messi should be kept on the sidelines anymore.

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3. Messi is back full force in his training form.

Playing in a friendlies game as part of Messi’s training, Coach Martino said, “He is kicking the ball better and we expect that in four days he will be in condition to play. It is worth thinking that he will recover by then.”

4. Messi is “more dangerous than any other player.”

Chile’s head coach Juan Antonio Pizzi had that to say about Argentina’s star player. Now that Messi is back in his playing form, he’s definitely a force to be reckoned with in the field.

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5. “If Messi’s inspired, he can kill anyone.”

In the football field, that is. That’s what Panama coach Hernan Dario Gomez has to say about the star player of Argentina.

Whether Blas Perez and the rest of Panama can hold up to Lionel Messi and Argentina still remains to be decided.

Argentina is scheduled for the next Copa America 2016 match against Panama on Friday, June 10, 9:30PM ET (Saturday, June 11, 11:30AM NSW ) at the Soldier Field in Chicago, Illinois.