Controversial Islamic School of South Australia will no more receive the federal funding from mid-April. The decision has come seeing its failure in complying with certain conditions. Those conditions were jotted down and imposed by the federal Education and Training Department.

Education and Training Minister Simon Birmingham announced on Thursday that the Islamic school will not receive any funding from the Aussie government. The decision will come into force from mid-April, he confirmed. The minister said that the school did not take the “strict conditions” seriously.

The conditions were listed to make sure the school contributed in improving governance as well as financial management. Moreover, regular quarterly reporting on the incorporation of the mentioned changes was expected. Birmingham indicated that the Islamic School of South Australia ignored its duties mentioned under the conditions listed by the education department.

“The school authority is not meeting the strict conditions placed on them in April 2016, which included obligations around improvements to governance and financial management and regular reporting on progress in making the required changes,” Birmingham said.

Islamic School of South Australia Suffered Loss of Funding Earlier As Well

The education minister said that the Islamic School of South Australia lost its funding even in December 2015. This was done following “serious governance deficiencies” being observed. However, the school made a commitment to improve the governance and other management policies. This resulted in the reinstating of the federal funding. The Federal Government offered $4 million of Commonwealth funding in 2016.

“It is disappointing that after the number of chances this school has been given and the constructive work the department has been doing with the authority since November 2015 the school has still failed to meet the reasonable standards and expectations placed on them,” Birmingham said in a statement. “This decision has not been taken lightly. However, the department was left with no choice.”

According to 9News, the education minister said that the school’s board of directors have been changing frequently since 2015. Earlier in February, there were reports that five of the directors of the Islamic School of South Australia had connections with Muslims Australia. The parents raised the doubts of the links. They alleged the school authorities of having such links following the resignation of two top authorities of the school.

Acting Principal Linda Macleod and Chairman Mohammad Abdalla resigned following some governance issues. Birmingham, meanwhile, said that he had contacted the state government with the announcement. He also ensured that the government will see to it that no parent, student or teacher gets much affected with the decision.

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