Julie Plec, the executive producer of The CW’s hit series “The Vampire Diaries” and “The Originals” is now all set to tell the viewers one more thriller story “Containment.” It is the small screen adaption of a Belgian format. Containment,scheduled to be premiered this week, revolves around a plot tracking the goings-on when a virus spreads rapidly through Atlanta — infecting people with gory results. When Plec was asked to explain how this thriller series is different from the rest of her production, she replied she tried to show the things happening, in a more real-world environment in order to leave the audience with bloodcurdling feeling.

For years, the fans have seen Julie along with her team bringing more realism and bloodshed on the small screen. These factors give feelings of disgust, fright, as well as excitement. On that, note when the 43-year-old show-runner was asked by Variety to disclose the most ghastly scene of the upcoming series (Containment) so far, Plec mentioned about the second episode. There is a shot of autopsy done by Dr.Cannerts on who he believes to be Patient Zero. This scene took them roughly about five hours to shoot.

She said: “We shot about five hours’ worth of footage where we had a med tech come in, and a body that we ordered specially from “CSI” that had lifelike organs. We had goo, and we had blood, and we had syrup, and we had liver and intestines and stomach, and it was so nasty.” Plec considers the experience as one of the most realistic things till date which she has done on a television series. She added, “That made me so squeamish that I made them pull back in the edit to a place where I felt comfortable, and then broadcast standards and the network asked us to pull back even further because it was so gross.”

Her statements indicate the gory reality of “Containment.”




So, is the show going to make our blood run cold with such gross episodes?  We have to wait till April 19 at 9 p.m. (on The CW) to find out.