Dana White, UFC President, does not believe Conor McGregor is truly retiring. Most likely, if McGregor settles the issue with UFC soon, the fight with Diaz may still happen in UFC 200.

White earlier confirmed that McGregor was removed from the fight against Diaz on UFC 200. UFC was forced to cancel McGregor’s fight against Nate Diaz for his inability to comply with compulsory promotional requirements. It all started when McGregor decided not to fly to Las Vegas for the press conferences and commercial shooting because he was training in Iceland. The fighter believed that attending these events would interfere with his training.

After UFC confirmed the cancellation, McGregor rocked the MMA world by tweeting that he has decided to retire young. The tweet was so popular and was shared more than 140,000 times.

According to ESPN, White said that he doesn’t really believe that the Irishman is going to stop fighting when asked to comment on the issue.

White clarified that his professional relationship with McGregor is not ruined. He also said that he is not angry with the fighter. But he added that he expects all fighters to follow mandatory promotional obligations.

McGregor remained silent about these issues.

The fighter still has the UFC featherweight title to his name, which he earned in December. McGregor knocked Jose Also out 13 seconds in the game. The title obviously is at risk, White said. He said that the UFC might take McGregor’s belt if they do not hear from him soon.

If that happens, the fight between Frankie Edgar and Jose Aldo in UFC 200 will be promoted into the vacant, undisputed title. If McGregor has indeed retired, Aldo and Edgar will fight for the vacant title. So McGregor better cleared up this issue soon, White adds.

The Independent said McGregor’s sponsors have remained quiet regarding the potential losses they could face if the issue is not clarified soon. His sponsors include Monster Energy, Budweiser and Reebok. The monetary value involved and the details regarding McGregor’s sponsorship deals have not been officially known.