“The Conjuring” isn’t just your typical horror movie but what makes it even more chilling is the fact that the movie is based on actual events. Now, with the sequel”The Conjuring 2,” fans are treated yet again to another hair-raising story.

Patrick Wilson, who played Paranormal Investigator Ed Warren, revealed that director James Wan aims for “The Conjuring 2” to be more than your standard horror sequel.

“James didn’t want to come back and do any beats he did on the first one,” Patrick Wilson told Hollywood Life. “He knew that the first one was lightning in a bottle I guess, and we didn’t know it would be that big. You have to throw all those expectations out the window and come in and push yourself because nobody is a bigger critic of you than you.”

“The Conjuring 2″ owes a lot to its predecessor. Both Conjuring movies have nearly identical frameworks. This time, though, Patrick Wilson noted that all of the events are presented on a much larger scale, and the film overall is way more ambitious.

“So not only does he set up these great scares…” he continued. “I knew when he texted me and when he came back on board and the first thing he texted me was, ‘Do you play guitar?’ I was like, ‘What on Earth are you doing!’ He was really pushing himself to show these other sides of these characters.”

He then added “I sing a little in this movie and there are romantic moments and there is a love story in this. You don’t want to be those actors that say that this movie has everything, but it is really nice to see a really loving and committed relationship honestly in the movie when all hell breaks loose!”

Talking to Movie Pilot, Patrick Wilson shared about how he felt revisiting his character and his beliefs in “The Conjuring 2.”

“For me, when I talk about this case, our first job is not to judge the character,” he said. “I believe what Ed believes, period. That’s where my belief stops.”