Liam Payne livened up social media once again with his recent tweet. However, what the celebration was for confused netizens. Hence, what did the hashtag #CongratsLiam actually mean?

It would appear Liam Payne has a lot to be thankful for lately. His aspiration for a solo career beyond One Direction is on track. Last July, he scored a major recording contract with Capitol Records UK. So regardless of what music mogul Simon Cowell thinks about him, he seems ready to take on the challenge.

Aside from his career, his personal life is also thriving. His relationship with girlfriend Cheryl Versini continues to blossom since they went public earlier this year. Hence, his recent tweet in September when he told everyone he was the luckiest man on earth. Interestingly, his Twitter post led to rumors about her pregnancy. Did his latest tweet of celebration confirm it?

The real reason behind #CongratsLiam revealed

Actually, it did not. As it turns out, his latest tweet is still part of his forthcoming solo career. The 1D member confirmed his recent entry with Republic Records, which is the same label of singer Ariana Grande and rapper Nicki Minaj. Great opportunities are likely to open up for him in the United States, The Sun posited.

“Amazing to have signed to @RepublicRecords I am celebrating as I tweet thank you so much for accepting me to your roster of amazing artists,” Liam tweeted. However, his celebratory tweet confused his fans. Hence, the outpouring of misplaced greetings for the 1D star and his girlfriend.

Rumors about Cheryl’s delicate condition swirled as her latest photos showed her looking quite healthy. Hence, many thought she put on weight because of her alleged pregnancy. Although if it were true, then it would definitely be cause for #CongratsLiam to trend again.