A priest has been called in to give a course on exorcism to students at a publicly funded college in Spain. The college has made it compulsory for the students to attend the seminar.

The University College of Barberán and Collán is funded by the Defense Ministry of Spain and is connected to the public research institute Complutense University of Madrid. However, its curriculum doesn’t seem to be “typical of a publicly funded institution.”

The priest, who is an expert in exorcism, will preside over the seminar which has been titled “The Evil.” Father José Antonio Fortea Cucurull has also written a treatise on demonology which includes a manual on exorcisms. The seminar, which the university has made compulsory for its 196 students to attend, will discuss “fields related to the devil, exorcisms and being possessed and hell,” the Mail Online reported.

The move by the university reportedly angered some of the students, but no formal complaint has been submitted yet. The talk is said to be obligatory unless a valid excuse is presented. The terms for the excusable reasons aren’t clear.

The Local reported that the school is not required to disclose its activities to the Complutense University of Madrid. The publication also disclosed that the college receives its funding in two ways: in the form of fees from the students and as subsidies from the Defense Ministry.

In 2010, Father Cucurull defended the Vatican following comments by the Pope’s chief exorcist. He claimed that the increasing number of child sex abuse cases eclipsing the Church is an evidence of the Devil’s presence there. Father Gabriel Amorth, 84, who carried out more than 70,000 exorcisms over 24 years, said, “We have cardinals who don’t believe in Christ, bishops connected with demons. Then we have these stories of paedophilia.”

He added, “You can see the rot when we speak of Satan’s smoke in the holy rooms (of the Vatican).” But Father Cucurull accused him of going too far with his comments.